Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Migrating over here to Wordpress; joining the rest of the blogosphere, or at least trying.

La is making breakfast pizza for Mother's Day, and I am still in my jammies, drinking coffee and trying not to throw a temper tantrum because I find changing the font size on the header on this site impossible. I don't really want to be doing this today, but it is necessary.

Even the spacing of these paragraphs is not right. It took me a dog's age to figure out designing and building a website, and this is now making me so pissy that I am snapping at The Child as she makes me breakfast. Hardly a stellar mothering moment.

So goodbye for now. I will not spend the day snapping at La, who has just made her very first hollandaise and is currently trashing the kitchen.

Happy Mother's Day to all...

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