Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Test

It's all a test. 

This blog has been migrated over to a new website that combines my professional work with my personal writing. The wonderful Andrew Odom helped me out with it because my patience was not what it should have been for that process.

So...what do you think? Keep it all together, or keep it separate? What do you think about site?

Feedback is always welcome. 

Image by thebarrowboy via Flickr


  1. I would follow your blog regardless of its format or bundling. It is an honest, at times uncomfortably honest, account of your feelings, hopes, fears, convictions and anxieties, which are an integral part of the human experience. We live surrounded by fake and prefabricated experiences. Reading your thoughts awakens parts of my conscience that are going numb.

    My take (since you asked): If someone who is thinking of hiring you feels uncomfortable by the rawness of the blogs related to your personal life, then perhaps you are not meant to be their writer, teacher or consultant. If someone interested in following your intense personal journey gets bored with the educational or "professional" postings, then again, maybe your blog is not for them.

    When a person reaches fame, millions of people follow them, regardless of their eccentricities. And you are not even eccentric, just honest and very, very smart.


    (But if you decide to split, it's ok as well, I'll follow you(s).

    1. So nice to hear from you!! I got your message a while back and hope you are doing well. We are moving out of state by the end of July and need to get together before we go!

      Please give Monica my love when you hear from her next. I think about her often.