Saturday, November 29, 2014



Last night I shared the magic that is Moonstruck with The Child.

It is a simple little movie. Uncomplicated but fraught nonetheless. About 45 minutes in, The Child said, "It's halfway over, and nothing has happened."

I pointed out that in those 45 minutes, a day had passed in the movie, and Loretta had fallen in love. The Child was looking for the big action, the major, in-your-face moment, not what usually happens in the small, quiet moments when life changes.

We miss it, often, I think, because we are looking for the big, in-your-face moment. We are looking through the branches to the top of the tree for the biggest fruit, then wasting time puzzling how to get up there to grab it, when sometimes the sweetest things are at eye level.

Today, I hope you find something sweet right in front of you.



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