Monday, November 24, 2014


This is a last-minute post. I committed to NaBloPoMo, and I will see it through, come hell, five inches of snow, or last minute Thanksgiving plans.

Unlike many people, I like to cook for Thanksgiving. It does not stress me out at all.

Thankfully it does not stress me out (see how I did that?) because I am now cooking for a small party of four after my sister-in-law's papa found himself in the ER tonight (please take a moment to send very happy and healing thoughts to him. He is fighting bladder cancer, and it appears to be some type of infection but this news is so recent, like just hours recent, that they don't quite know yet. So spare him a healing thought if you have a moment.).

On the menu I have just cobbled together in my head:

  • Turkey (duh. Although possibly just a breast because only three of the four eat meat)

  • Potatoes, brussels sprouts, green beans (not that casserole crap. Snapped and steamed. Although the casserole crap is YUM, I just choose not to make it)

  • Pumpkin curry soup with coconut milk

  • Risotto

  • Some type of bread/bread product/cracker

  • Assorted olives, cheeses, pickles, chutneys

  • PIE. Maybe even three different kinds. Delicious PIE. Maybe a cheesecake for my brother Jason.

Can you tell which course I am most interested in?

Truthfully, this is why I am not ever particularly flustered by cooking on the day. I like the leftovers, and the hardest part (the pie) can be made in advance. Turkey just needs a little brine and a little love with the gravy at the very end. It is in my nature to procrastinate, so this arrangement actually suits me.

Except snow's a-comin', I have a tire that won't hold air, and I now have to shop two days before Thanksgiving. So there's that.

So a last-minute post for a last-minute meal that is going to be delicious and intimate and lovely. I will be glad to see my younger brother and happy to not be traveling.

Sending well wishes to John, and quick healing thoughts. This medicine Buddha is for him.



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