Monday, April 28, 2014



They are just like Tuesdays, or Thursdays, or any day for that matter. No one is making me get up and report to a desk, so there is no real built-in characteristic of the day.


It is overcast, and 18 people died last night in the storms that are headed our way today. I won't miss this, the violent weather that has everyone on edge multiple times a year. The atmosphere is flat calm right now, not a breath of wind, but we all know that cumulonimbus clouds are making their way east.

It's a metaphor. Elmore Leonard says to never start a story with the weather. I waited until the 4th paragraph.

Trying to  be motivated, but all I want to do today is climb into the bathtub, drag a mattress over top of me, and wake up around mid-day tomorrow.


Image by chascar via Flickr

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