Friday, April 18, 2014

Right On Time

I swear, it’s like one of my yoga teachers creeps into my head and heart and finds exactly what I need.

I can be a moody person, sure, but in the space of an hour during class on Wednesday, I was laughing and crying, super quiet and wide awake. Starting with the beginning of class when we were sitting and breathing, focusing and getting ready for class, and she said, “The answers to your prayers are already unfolding.”

I don’t pray. But I fervently wish and hope. I think a lot, too much, probably. So when she says prayers, I think of my deepest wishes that I share only in silence with the universe. Sometimes wishes I had  a long time ago and just gave up on, either by accident or on purpose. Wishes that are really the core of who I am. For some reason, I really needed to hear that. I needed to hear that things were progressing and unfolding already.

I needed to hear that life is what is happening RIGHT NOW. We are not preparing for it or waiting for it or cleaning up for it or studying for it or otherwise looking forward to it.

Life is right now.

In the dinner you make, the floor you sweep, and the job you go to. This is it. Maybe there are events to look forward to, but as Buddha says, “The trouble is, you think you have time.”

So life is RIGHT NOW. And it’s right on time.
(Image by Nick via Flickr)

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