Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Too Much Time on My Hands

This past weekend at the tiny house conference we talked a lot about alternative lifestyles.

Let's face it: when you step off the wheel and start to live in anything less than 500 square feet, you have already made a choice to live out of the mainstream.

Add to that the fact that many people at the conference were freelance something-or-others or were running their own tiny house business or something else non-9-to-5 and you have the perfect storm of the burning question:

"What do you do with all of your free time?" followed  by sad looks for the level of deprivation we must all be feeling due to our perceived limited income. After all, lots of us are self-employed, which is just fancy talk for "siphoning cash off the government," right?

So funny.

Yes, LPM took quite a bit of time.

Yes, some time is now free, even though there are still tweaks to make to the house.

But check this out: I actually get to choose how I would like to spend my time. And that is a gift.

Yes, I have to make some money, so I write for a couple lovely websites on holistic remedies, and I just got another freelance gig writing for a lifestyle website (which is pretty funny to me, but hey. Good writing is good writing.). I may compile the experiences of 2013 into a book with pix from the build. I wrote a non-fiction book a couple years ago. Maybe I will put that together.

I will certainly change out some faucets in the big house. Fix the fence. Mow the lawn (you're welcome, neighbors). And I will go to yoga every morning. And make
this. And this. And, oh, hell, yes, THIS.

I foresee a few road trips.

So too much time on our hands is a good thing. There's plenty to do.

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