Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Courage. Shine On.

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The word "courage" comes from the Latin cors, which means heart. So to be a courageous person is to do something with your whole heart. All in. Makes things pretty vulnerable, sometimes, when you throw your shoulders back and let your light shine on.

Or admit you're wrong (courage).

Or tell someone you love them (courage).

Or do something new (courage).

Or sometimes just get out of bed every day (courage).

I am suffering a lack of courage these days, which may sound odd, given that we are still in the midst of a major transition, and I am embarking upon adventures that are new to me, but it's true. As the very definition of an introvert, I am at my most courageous when I let people in. I can chat for hours about dumb stuff, make people feel like they really got to know me, but it's only a precious few people that get beyond the hard candy shell to my soft, gooey center.

Yuck. Oddly misplaced delicious candy metaphor. Sorry.

I thought I would have the courage to share what I wanted to share in this post, but I have sat on it for several days and just don't have it yet. Kind of like the time it took me 30 minutes (a lifetime!) to ask my mom if we could go bra shopping for the first time (in my defense, she should have known I needed one, but in her defense, I have a teenage girl that I am not so keen on having grow up either. So there's that). I think I maybe need a little more time.

So why post this?

To remind myself in the future that even though I stopped myself from being courageous, I still have it in me.

To remind other people maybe that courage doesn't have to roar. Sometimes it whispers, "I will."

I will.



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