Friday, October 10, 2014

10 Things I Am Grateful For On 10/10


Although I am not a fan of the listicle, per say, today seems like a good day to pause, reflect, and express some gratitude. Here, in no particular order, are 10 things and people I am grateful for on 10/10:

1. Kerry and Mark Langkammerer and their kids (who shall remain nameless just in case Kerry and Mark are keeping their internet shadow dim). We have invaded their house for the past SEVEN WEEKS, adding two people and a dog to the mix of four people and two pre-existing dogs. Yikes. They seriously deserve a medal.

2. Yoga. I have started again after finding a local studio, and I can already feel the effects.

3. My mom. There are so many things I could list here, but I am just grateful that she is around.

4. Sicily. Her teenager has been showing a bit these days, but 95% of the time she is an awesome kid and a stellar human being. Things could have gone in a totally different direction after Dane died, but she is going about the business of grieving and becoming herself with such general aplomb that I cannot help but admire her.

5. Laura Lavoie. She is the writer behind Life In 120 Square Feet, and she is responsible for putting my name in the hat for the writing job that got me started as a professional freelancer. It was the boost I needed to get going and gain some confidence.

6. The flexibility of life. I have somehow managed to reconstruct a life after death that allows me to be flexible and schedule my own days. I can docent at AVAM, do yoga in the middle of the day, write when I like, and hang out with Sicily. I don't need to take vacation time from my job because I can work ahead and still get paid. I am my own boss. Granted, the boss could use a raise, but that will come with time. The flexibility is worth it.

7. Baltimore. Odd to be grateful for a city, totally, but I am so glad to be back that it is ridiculous. The Orioles are on fire, and the city feels like home.  Not everything is perfect, and it is still the honeymoon period, I suppose, but there is so much possibility laid out in front of us it is hard not to feel gratitude.

8. That we are so privileged and that there is opportunity in front of us. With so much tragedy and strife all over the world, I feel even more grateful for the "simple" things we have: freedom of speech (even for assholes. It's cumbersome but part of the package), clean running water, education, healthy food, electricity, supportive friends and family. Imagine what the rest of the world would be like if these things were a given for everyone.

9. A sense of humor. I am glad I can still laugh at things. Maybe it's a bit morbid at times, but it's there. That has helped tremendously. When nothing's funny, time's up.

10. Dane's family in Washington. I love knowing that they are there, and that they will always be a part of our lives. We waited too long to really get to know each other, but I am glad we are making time together a priority. Hopefully they will be our first house guests in the rehab in spring 2015!

What are you grateful for? Quick, make a list and tell me in the comments. 


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