Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cursing and Cupcakes

Today I told Sicily, after a morning full of cursing from both of us, that the next person to let obscenities fly would be supplying the build with gluten-free cupcakes later in the day.

I lost.

There is something about building with family, and building with teenagers is worse. They roll their eyes audibly. They make huffy noises that they insist they don't make. They are spacy and then they get pissed when you don't tune in to every single word they say.

Side note: I have heard EVERY SINGLE WORD out of Sicily's mouth except for literally a handful where I just couldn't take it anymore and I tuned out as self-defense. On the other hand, Dane mastered the ability to tune out, and Sicily seemed none-the-wiser. Sigh.

It doesn't help that we are under a firm deadline. A public deadline. So stress magnifies every little disagreement or confusion. And if we had more time, or had planned better, we would have been able to mock up the very complicated stairs we are planning. So there's that. And our lovely tiny house is turning into a very expensive tiny house; the original plan was to use reclaimed and salvaged  pretty much everything, but, alas, the time factor again.

And then there is the weather. Rain? Double-plus ungood.

But progress was made today. We have lights and a ceiling fan. We have a plan for the kitchen, and most of the supplies we need to make it happen. We have superglue (seriously. We needed some). I have the ingredients for pimento cheese. Sicily made pancakes tonight for Pancake Day. I am sitting in Couch Hole, watching syndicated episodes of Modern Family (which is, appropriately enough, about home improvement) and the Awful News of the World.

One single picture from today; the others show Sicily looking at me, very pissed because I just yelled at her for putting a lock on her phone AGAIN. So that one wasn't going to make it to press. Here she is, making the base for the cabinets.

Oh, and in very sad news, the bakery was out of gluten-free cupcakes, so we will be putting that off until Friday. Tragic. #FirstWorldProblems


  1. Y'all are going to make it all work. And we'll bring gluten free cupcakes tomorrow. As long as you don't cuss.

  2. Gluten free?? Thought I loved you then, love you even more now! ;) Those days of building can be hell. Truly. I have nothing but compassion. Andrew and I thought this build might literally rip us apart at times...often we literally got to see the worst in each of us day in and day out. How do we survive these things?? But last night we celebrated with our hOMe doula. My closest friend and the person that kept me sane through the build and reminded me that I would in fact get through it. And that I may even like Andrew after it too. ;) The three of us drank a very large bottle of champagne in the hot tub under perfect stars. All as though all of those stressful days and weeks had never even existed. Already they are in the past.

    1. I just turned over the schedule to the kid. She has to care about it more than I do. Sometimes we get in there and communicate HORRIBLY, like a switch gets flipped.

      Turns out, though, I am coming down with a cold, and we tend to do worse when we skip yoga. So once I feel better it's back to yoga every day (at least for me), and building every day from noon to four, rain or shine.

      And I watched your video tour of hOMe. So beautiful. I love where you are parked, too.

    2. And one more thing: our gluten-free cupcake bakery makes THE BEST cupcakes. If we didn't tell people they were gluten-free, no one would know. So delicious.