Sunday, August 17, 2014

Internet Tests Hold The Key


So this has been quite a week.

I lost my debit/credit card. According to the bank, with my complex system of mail forwarding, I should have another one in THREE WEEKS. And I have two paper checks left, so when those are gone my access to cash money will be seriously compromised.

Did I mention I pay the mortgage and several other bills with the stored number of the misplaced card? So that should be fun.

But that's not even the worst.

This week I took a scientific internet test and found out that I am 67% right-brained and 33% left-brained.

Devastating, to have this kind of affirmation of my inside-the-line-coloring, clean-desk- having, order-craving self. I think I was beginning to understand this when I realized that non-fiction is really my strong suit (for writing, anyway), and that I am absolutely HORRIBLE when it comes to picking colors for a room.


To have the verdict delivered to me in cheery comic sans, with an exclamation point, no less. I could have been devious and skewed the results horribly if I wanted to. My brother pointed out, accurately, after I correctly identified myself as being all-Pittsburgh (another internet test, and no, I am not even remotely close to partially Pittsburgh) that I am a good test taker. I could have cheated. Lied. Brought about the verdict that I wanted, which was to be An Artist Who Has Impeccable Taste And Effortless Creativity.

But on another internet test I took I was identified as being Highly Moral and Incorruptible.

Huh. Sexy. NOT.

So my desk is organized, I am borderline OCD with my "systems," and my time management is flawless.

According to all that is internet holy, this makes me an incredibly pragmatic, can-do type of person.


Maybe I should take a break from internet tests for a bit.


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