Thursday, August 7, 2014

In Limbo


(City Forever. Honor to one who earns it.)

It's odd, living in limbo.

It's even odder that I am not tremendously upset by it. Yes, I miss having my own true space. No, I cannot find anything in my mother's kitchen. Yes, walking the dogs every day is annoying (but we need to get used to that, and so do the dogs. Right now, Winston has issues with going #2 while hooked on the leash. Bashful? Stupid? Who knows? But I digress).

But I am not particularly frantic. We need to find new digs, it's true, but with the street in front of the rental house completely torn to bits, and other options for short-term furnished rentals running at $4K+ a month, mom's house it is for now.

And as I found out yesterday, I may not be frantic, but it is a bit wearing. The city had a weird vibe yesterday, and my patience is thin. I have not done yoga in ten days  now, and that is difficult, but not living where we are supposed to be living is frustrating. The Child has found a softball team I think, but the commute to practice will be a minimum of 1 1/2 hours, without traffic. That's rough.

This is an exercise in patience? Character building?

We have plenty of character at this point. But thanks, universe.

In limbo. Waiting.


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