Saturday, December 21, 2013


Choices suck (said the spoiled, first-world person).


The world is wide open. In my view, there is nothing we can't do, and now is the time to do it.

Well, we can't do the opposite of whatever we choose to do. So in choosing, we eliminate possibilities.

Example: if we move to Seattle, we won't live in Baltimore, and nothing is guaranteed, so for everyone who is thinking really loudly, "You can always do that later," yeah, right (see February 16, 2013 for evidence of how much say we have in that).

If I start the school again, we don't get to travel.

If we stay in Georgia...we are stuck in Georgia.

By choosing FOR, we are also choosing AGAINST.

It sucks and is nearly paralyzing. Those of you who really, really know me can understand how close I am to saying, 'Fuck it," and taking off with just a car full of whatever is important. Things will all work out in the end (and if it doesn't work out, it's not the end), so who really cares if we stick around?

(don't panic, softball people. I am also not in the habit of leaving people in the lurch. )

Life is uncertain and the longer we sit around waiting and planning and saving and otherwise delaying action, the better chance we have of doing NOTHING. We can't do it all, but I want to do more. Life is too short to settle down, and no place feels like home anymore anyway, so what the hell are we doing here?

Choices SUCK.


  1. Get out of "here," it is a dead-end. Of course, I am going to end up in Maryland, once I get out of "here," -so, I vote Baltimore...even though we have a long distance, FB relationship. Seattle is so fucking dreary -weather like that makes me sad. At least Maryland has four seasons, none too harsh, none too cold and none too hot. Georgia has poverty, ignorance, pig headedness, corruption and in-tolerance. If you don't want to make those issues your fight in life, get out now.

    1. So funny to not see your face in the icon for this....:)

      Seattle can be dreary, it's true, but it is as blue as Maryland is (politics-wise), and I am blown away by how gorgeous it is here. You can't swing a dead cat without taking in a gorgeous view, and, rain or no, it's an outdoor town.

      We will figure it out, and soon.