Monday, September 2, 2013

Off Grid

Tomorrow we go off grid to Assateague State Park. La and I are camping for five days, which should be interesting, as we haven't camped in six+ years and are only nominally provisioned.

No matter.

We plan to roast marshmallows, clam, swim in the surf, try to avoid the increasingly-pushy ponies eating a hole in our tent to get at our food.

We will eat crabs, cook over a campfire, and read. Blogs will be written by hand, then possibly uploaded at the camp store around the end of the week (they have Wi-Fi, but I really don't want to utilize it at all). I hope to catch some of our own crabs the old-fashioned way, with a chicken neck and a string, but the skeeters might discourage us from that.

I expect there will be some card playing and long walks.

We are only about ten days away from going home. It is hard to believe we have been gone since August 6th. I don't feel much closer to making any decisions. I don't feel much peace. I am pretty sure that's not what was going to happen anyway, but I was hoping to bring home something other than a couple pairs of shoes, goat's milk caramel and some kick-ass maraschino cherries from Italy (thanks, Mark!!!).

The beach is a good place for reflection. We'll see what happens.

Until then, have a good Labor Day, a lovely week. Whoever is reading this, be nice to each other.

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