Thursday, September 26, 2013

Be Kind

Be kind to yourself.*
This is the overriding message I am receiving. From internet memes, therapists, the lady who curates the Brain Pickings website (which is absurdly and profoundly amazing and you should really check it out if you want to be inspired by people who are also, themselves, absurdly and profoundly amazing), friends, various other sources.

This is not be kind to yourself by doing things that aren't really actually kind but feel good in the moment, like eating too much or spending too much or ignoring responsibilities.

This is be kind like give enough of a shit about yourself to go ahead and cut your ass some SLACK.

This is be kind like do the best you can on any given day, and realize that "the best you can" on any given day is a totally relative and subjective term.

This is be kind like stop saying things to yourself in your head that you wouldn't say to a good friend.

If you can be kind to yourself like that, then everything else will fall into place. It's not narcissistic or selfish to be kind to yourself, and actually, it makes you be kind to other people.

Doing this also makes you realize what is actually important. I am trying to allow myself to be changed by this experience. I am trying to be open and better and more aware of what is really important, cosmically, hugely important, so when those things are present I can shower them with the riches of my attention and love.

So be kind.

*The above advice is totally intended as a reminder for the writer, and should not be construed as bossy or do-it-or-else type of arrangement. That's not very kind.  Do what you like. It's a free country. I just know that I am trying, and some days are better than others. Knowing that being kind is the thing that will save me is totally different than practicing that kindness, so go ahead and expect me to be an asshole sometimes. Totes normale, to mix the vernacular.

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