Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tourist Failures

As tourists, Sicily and I are better couch potatoes.

Translation: we are not the type to wake up at the crack and rush around all day, seeing everything we can see. We aren't wired that way. Whenever we think about what we want to do on any given day, too much is overwhelming, and we just get tired and make another cup of coffee. We have spent hours on the porches of friends, planning our day, only to realize that the planning and the swinging and the snack-having actually became the day and now it's time to decide on dinner and that might take awhile, so how about a cocktail?

Sicily is following in my travel-type footsteps: I like to learn a place and live like a local. Yes, I love the touristy stuff sometimes (like the double-decker bus in Philly that was more fun than expected), but I am just as content to get a Mr. Softee ice cream from a food truck on the Mall and watch people go by (we may have done that yesterday. For an hour. It was hot, okay?). I want to do what I would do if I lived in a place; I don't need to see all of the "high points"; generally those places are packed cheek-to-jowl with camera-toting, baby-hefting, sweaty, impatient people. I don't like to join those ranks. I like to find the hidden gems and sit with the locals.

(Thinking from the sculpture garden at the National gallery)
Which is not to say we didn't do stuff. Yesterday we went to the American History Museum (and saw Julia Child's kitchen, which was wicked cool. I want her stove very, very badly) and the Natural History Museum, but we also wandered around the National Mall, aimlessly, and then we went to the Silver Diner (not what I remember; this iteration of it featured local produce, organic meats and nitrate-free bacon. DELICIOUS.)
Today we get another chance to earn a little tourist cred; President Obama is marking the 50th anniversary of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech with a speech of his own on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, and La and I will be there. Thankfully, it doesn't start until 3:05, so we have plenty of time to rise, shine and mosey our way over there.
For now, though, this is my morning view, and it's just grand:


  1. my kinda travlin', too! hate, hate, hate crowds. because they involve people:)

    miss you both, but keep havin' fun & don't rush home!!

    1. Miss you, too, and think of you and your clan often. :)