Thursday, August 22, 2013

Home Is...

Today we are taking a school day break; La has to finish up some French and work on a new blogging adventure (she is taking a year-long class with Wandering Educators on travel blogging), plus she has some PSAT action to study for (reminder: research where she is supposed to take the damn test. I am avoiding that, not because I think she won't do well but because I just don't want to do it. Testing is dumb.).

I probably have lots to do, too. I just don't want to.

So I am wandering around Kerry and Mark's house, reading, eating peaches that are about to turn, contemplating lunch; in short, I am doing exactly what I would do if I were in Georgia, avoiding work, only I would feel way more guilty there because there is so much more to avoid.

Later today we are picking up a friend of Mark and Kerry's at the airport; he is returning from six months in Kuwait, assembling various government intelligence reports from assorted war zones. I will make sure and chastise him for all of his grievous intelligence failures, Republicans, but only after we give him a big hug, a warm welcome, and a huge crabcake (which he insists on paying for. Seems unfair, but hey. A crabcake is delicious no matter who is buying.).

Last night was the O's game, and because we were there they won (I have never attended a loss at Camden Yards, and I have also attended multiple O's games in Seattle and Atlanta, and the O's have never lost when I am there. Yes, Orioles, I am for hire and will travel with the team. I'm just sayin'. You can draft La and me pretty cheaply.) Davis smacked number 46, and he hit one when we were there for the Father's Day game, too (that one needed a flight attendant, it traveled so far).

Tomorrow is the water taxi to Fort McHenry (we're taking the free one; we're not stupid), then some touristy shopping. A friend asked me if we were still enjoying our favorite part of the country, and that made me think for a second. Is it really my favorite part of the country? I don't think of it like that; I just think of it as home. It feels like home; it feels like we could plant roots here. I love Seattle and New Mexico. Oregon is lovely, and Colorado was majestic. New York City is amazing. Seattle felt like home on the west coast, but Baltimore is warm and inviting, poverty, vacant homes, tourists and all.

Still thinking. Still searching. We'll see what happens.

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