Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pie For Breakfast


It's raining outside. The thin drops of water ping off the metal awning covering the porch and the sound filters itself through the windows into my ears as I sit in front of the computer, only just starting my second cup of coffee and finishing up a piece of peanut butter cup pie.

Pie for breakfast.

It is one of the simplest things that I love so much, and, according to my Ayurvedic dosha, it's perfectly acceptable. Something sweet, at least. Maybe not pie. But I choose to interpret "sweet" as "pie" this morning, and what's done is done.

It's a simple, gluten-free pie. I have no pictures of the process. I only can tell you what I've done.

Crush about 20 gluten-free Oreos (one whole pack. You could also use gluten-filled Oreos, or you could have a simple graham cracker crust) and mix with melted butter until just wet. Press in a pie pan and chill. Sip on some gin and juice while you wait. #LaidBack

Whip 1 cup of peanut butter (any kind), 1 bar of cream cheese, and a little sugar until smooth and creamy (only use sugar if you use peanut butter without sugar. If your peanut butter has sugar, don't add anymore. Trust.). Fold in 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, whipped into submission as well as stiff peaks. Spread into chilled crust. Chill even more. Overnight is best. That way it is set and ready for breakfast, but I doubt you can wait that long.

To serve, top with homemade fudge sauce, or buy some really good fudge sauce and use that. You could add whipped cream if you like, or you could sprinkle with a homemade ice cream topping that includes chocolate sprinkles, turbinado sugar, and coarse sea salt. Eat for breakfast.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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