Thursday, September 25, 2014

Donate To Good Causes Day


So today is Donate to Good Causes Day.

I TOTALLY just made that up.

But for me, that's today.

I don't have a ton of cash lying around, and, in fact, now more than ever we need to save our pennies. But I have found that for me, whenever I am feeling low or broke or especially trod upon, giving until it almost hurts - time, money, or love - is the way out of those feelings.

Even if I am not feeling any of those things at a particular time, here's a secret: giving feels good. And I like to feel good.

So here's today's recipients:

John Muir Goes to IslandWood: My wonderful friend Julie Trout teaches art at this school, and every year their 4th and 5th grade goes to IslandWood for three days of experiential education. This school is low-income, and many students cannot afford to go, the same students who desperately need to go and see life outside of the small bubble of poverty they are in. I believe strongly in experiential education and equal opportunity, so some dollars went to this on Donate To Good Causes Day.

Nerdy Baby: The Human Infant Project Kickstarter: Another friend, Tiffany Ard, has managed to bring together art and science to create  possibly the best baby products ever. This Kickstarter is working to fund a larger printing of her baby book, The Human Infant Project, a book that I would buy tons of if I had an infant or knew anyone who had an infant.  Dollars went to this, too

So here's the kicker: crowdfunding only works if a crowd gets involved. Many people still believe that it is one or two folks giving tons of cash, but it's not. It's tons of folks giving little cash. You don't need to give a lot, and it doesn't take a lot of time to do. If these two projects aren't up your alley, then find one that is and give them five bucks.

Spread some love today...


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