Thursday, July 24, 2014

If The South Woulda Won, Things Would Be Different


I'll be honest: there's not a ton of things I will miss about Georgia, and I am a little bitter about it.

This morning as I read about how to buy, cook, and pick the best Maryland blue crabs, I have also been thinking abut the things I will miss. Sicily and I have been talking about it recently, and we have come up with a very short list:

1. A limited number of people

2. Fried Pickles

3. The Georgia Aquarium

4. Kennesaw Mountain

5. Sacred Garden Yoga

That's about it. In 13 years that we have lived here, I have taught probably 750 kids in this community and have never felt welcome, even as I busted by hind parts and spent 80+ hours away from my own family to teach other peoples' kids.

I have kept my mouth shut mostly and tried to understand where people are coming from and have not been afforded the same courtesy (for the most part. With some notable exceptions.).

I have watched from a distance the exclusionary "community" of various Facebook groups in Marietta, the type that continually says, "If you don't like it, leave," and, "That's the way things have always been" (intimating, of course, that because things have always been that way, they are good. You know, like racism and homophobia. But I digress.).

I have broken up with friends who have casually and continually worked the n-word into conversation. Teachers. Of children of all races. Who are referring to their students in this manner while sugary words drip off their tongues during conference week. Sickening.

Sicily was told at preschool when she was four that brown children are supposed to play with brown children, and white children are supposed to play with white children.

I have actually heard the title of this blog post said, out loud, numerous times since I have lived here, and if I never hear it again it will be too soon. Ditto for seeing Jesus fish on the backs of people's cars and billboards reminding me that Jesus will be back and that a baby has a heartbeat in 18 days (the last two are technically north Florida, which is its own kind of crazy that is kissing cousin to south Georgia).

Five days to go.


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